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The Singapore Maritime Gallery is designed for a self-exploratory experience. Do allow at least an hour to 90 minutes for the most optimal learning experience. You may walk in any time during opening hours from 9am to 6pm daily. The gallery is closed on Mondays, except public holidays. We provide complimentary guided tours in English for Singapore residents of at least 20 pax and above. Do allow one hour for the full tour. Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance for our assessment, and we aim to respond within three working days. To further explore the gallery and the interactive exhibits on your own after the tour, please allow an additional 30 minutes to an hour, subject to the size of your group. For non-Singaporean residents who wish to visit the gallery in large groups of 20 pax and above, please email us at with details of your visit to facilitate our capacity management for the gallery. We look forward to receiving you at the gallery.
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