Singapore Maritime Gallery is designed to be self-exploratory and offers flexible learning opportunities about Maritime Singapore at your own pace.

For the most optimal experience, do allow at least an hour to 90 minutes at the gallery.

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    For Self-Guided Tours

    Look out for these top 10 highlights as you explore the Singapore Maritime Gallery on your own.

    Download the Singapore Maritime Gallery Guide here.

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    For Ages 7 and Above

    Find out more about Maritime Singapore through quizzes, puzzles and other fun activities when you visit the Singapore Maritime Gallery.

    Download the Singapore Maritime Gallery Activity Booklet here.

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    Maritime Singapore Education Series

    The Maritime Singapore Education Series is a series of online learning guides aimed at helping you understand more about Singapore as a maritime nation.

    Divided into four themes and 12 individual topies, each guide comes with its own informational write-up on a selected topic, with accompanying video links and fun activity for further exploration.

    Suitable for ages 10 and above.

    Theme 1: Maritime Past, Present and Future

    Issue 1: Singapore's Past as a Trading Post
    Issue 2: The Development of Maritime Singapore
    Issue 3: The Future of Maritime Singapore

    Theme 2: Maritime and Globalisation

    Issue 1: Singapore as a Premier Global Hub Port

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    For Schools

    Take learning outside the classroom! Singapore Maritime Gallery provides engaging experiences that speak to the natural curiosity of children.

    We welcome students from all institutions to explore and learn about Singapore's maritime history, our future plans and the opportunities available by creating an enabling environment for an innovative maritime eco-system. We also offer resources for educators to maximise students' learning of Maritime Singapore.

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    For Organisations

    Singapore's maritime sector contributes to 7% of the country's GDP and employs over 170,000 people. As the global maritime industry is set to undergo significant changes in the next two decades, there will be diverse opportunities in the port, shipping and maritime services sub-sectors.

    The gallery is designed for a self-exploratory experience, learn Singapore's transformation from a small trading post into a premier Global Hub Port and leading International Maritime Centre. Discover stories that led to our growth and our strategy for the future.

    If you are visiting in a group, we encourage advance booking in order to facilitate a comfortable and enriching experience for you.

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